Shop in the Spotlight: The Heritage Co. II

6:42 PM

I made a little visit today to a treasure of a shop located in Royal Oak, Michigan.  It has been on my mind for some time that I had to get back there and see what was new.  This is the place to visit for unique one of a kind finds!  I was so happy to spend time searching through all the treasures.  They never disappoint and I found just the piece I was looking for.  I'll share more on that when I get everything together.

Even before you enter the shop you are greeted by a very adorable storefront.  I love the architectural detail and the crooked letter n is great!  This gives you just a hint of the abundance of personality you will encounter once you pass over the threshold.

As you enter the building you are greeted with great items made out of reclaimed wood.  Boxes, stars, angels.  They also have lots of found architectural fragments.

Here is a stack of wonderfully aged empty frames.


The letter wall art is amazing!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  These are some of the best unique pieces I have seen in some time.   True treasures.  And check out that great blue-green metal cabinet.  All around lovely!

They have lots of old insulators.  They are great in this old wooden frame with the wire holders.  Such a nice glass color.

They also carry large items that are true show stoppers.  There is an abundance of old signs.


Fun!  This is an old deco sign.  The full sign spells out candies.


Rare!  I love the detail on this star sign.  It really is a beautiful piece.

For the man in your life you must see the next few items.  They would make up such a fun and eclectic room.  A room that is a true conversation piece.  Above on the glass shelves are actual mug shot photos complete with fingerprints.  They are dark and creepy but so darn cool.  So original!  I can only imagine the talk that would ensue.  You can only wonder what they were in the slammer for.

There is a large wire basket full of name tags from work shirts.  I particularity enjoy the one in the middle, "Sherm".

Here is another very large weathered sign.  Would be great in man's land.  I'm picturing all of these items in a room with very dark walls.  Charcoal gray or black.  Maybe even full blackboard walls.  Get the chalk out and add even more personality!

There are 2 of these vintage metal side tables with concrete tops.  They are simply perfect!

Lastly, here is a door like what I am looking for.  It is kind of hard to see the detail but it has the glass with the wire in between and a beautiful crystal handle.  It has just the details I would want.  The closet in Josh's room opens the other way though so I'm not sure how hard that is to change.   I'd have to see.

If you are in the area - Run - Don't Walk.  Get to The Heritage Company II and unearth treasures for your home!  This is only a small look at their world of fantastic that waits inside.   

If you want to learn more about the Heritage Co. II be sure to visit Marisa's blog  Salvage Slave.  She is truly talented and very kind.  Thank you Marisa for allowing me to photograph your beautiful shop!

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