Upstairs Hall - Part Two

6:00 PM

Here is a look at another area of our upstairs hall.

This cabinet rests at the top of our staircase.  It's rounded sides are perfect because it leaves us with enough room to easily walk around it.  

 This guy is representing the ever falling Michigan snow.  He stays until the snow clears!

I have a couple of vintage egg prints hanging.  They are pages from an old book.  I have 6 in total and use them in different places in the house.  Also, an old flashcard rests unframed on top of the mirror.


Here is a close up of the detail on the frames I found for the egg prints.  They have a really nice band of beads running around the frame. The beads are mainly purples and greens but have a lot of luster so there are hues of pink and gold as well.  I got them at Marshall Field's for a song!  Like $7 each!  It's good to lookout for those markdowns!

Lusterware saucers hang on a narrow wall at the top of the stairs.  There is this wall - then a bedroom door - then the wall turns to the left and this is where the cabinet stands.  In time I hope to add to this little grouping.  I like how the luster plays off of the frame beading.


Just a couple more pictures.  I still have a little work to finish up there so I'll post pictures as I progress.

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