Front and Center

5:50 PM

One of my favorite things I have found for my home is this floral centerpiece that currently sits on my dining room table.

I like that the rustic wood container is worn looking and not perfect.  The flowers are freeze dried and are in the muted tones I tend to favor.  There are also moss, fruits, and other dried items included in the arrangement.  I actually picked this up on clearance at one of our local markets.  I had looked at it before and really liked it but left it.  Then one sunny summer morning as I walked in the market door there it was right in front of me at half off.  It was mine!
The Moroccan glasses are from Tracy Porter.  Great colors!  I use them here as candle holders.  I also like the mercury glass candlesticks.  The shiny against the rustic really works well together.

Just a little more detail!

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