Table Craft

11:40 AM

After I pulled together the Easter table I decided it needed a little extra something.   I shuffled through some of my crafty things and here is what I came up with - simply quick place cards!  This is my sister's seat.  Her name really isn't Field but that is what I call her.  She calls me Daey.  Pronounced da-e.  This is what has resulted as the evolution of a nickname.  Field and Daey!  It is what it is!

Here is the final result!  I think they turned out nice and just added a little extra color and personality to the table.

I used my ancient card program to create the name tags.

 The other supplies I gathered were tiny brown envelopes I picked up at Michael's Craft Store years ago.    They come in handy for so many things!  I really need to stock up on more.  I also used half size index cards from the office store and some DMC floss that was lying in a drawer. 

I slipped the index cards into the envelopes - leaving a couple of lines showing.  I tied the embroidery floss securely around the envelope so I could just slip in the name tag and it would stay put.  You could always tape or glue the name on but then it would be harder to reuse the envelope for another occasion.

Now this is the idea that struck me right before everyone was going to arrive so I didn't do it, but why not print up quotes or fortunes and secure them to the index cards.  Then maybe turn all the cards upside down and shuffle them around so it is not planned as to who ends up with which quote.  I think this would have added a little more fun around the table and I'm sorry I didn't think of it earlier.

Here is the finished stack.  They were so easy to make and really could be changed up for any event.  You could use rubber stamps, ribbon, solid cardstock in fun colors inside the envelopes - they even sell the envelopes in white.

I know I will be using this idea again, and when I have more time to think about it I imagine I could come up with something pretty neat!

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