Crafting with Buttons

10:40 PM

A couple of years ago I came home with this little vintage button bouquet.

I thought it was quirky and fun.  It rests in this polka dot mug in our kitchen.

This got me thinking.  There is a little glass jar just sitting in the cupboard and it has accumulated quite a few buttons over the years.  Maybe I could make something ...  I emptied out the jar and started layering some of my finds and then went to the fabric store for some additional buttons to complete the idea.

I had button flowers in mind.

I already had this wire lying in my craft cupboard.  The package says it is 50 feet of 18 gauge annealed wire and it cost $1.49.  I bought it at the crafts store and it must have been in the wood area because the package says wood parts.  I have no idea how long I have had it or what my initial use was ? ? ?

I cut the wire about 18 inches long then slightly bent the wire in half and threaded on a smallish button to use as the flowers center.  I had to to tug at the button a smidge.  It makes a snap sound and then becomes secure. Then it is just a matter of threading on the rest of your buttons.  I used 2 on some and up to 4 on others. 

When the layering is  finished tightly twist the remaining "stem" together.  Make it really tight underneath the button stack.

I used a candleholder from the new Katie Brown line at Meijer to make a flower garden of sorts.  I placed some floral foam in the bottom and covered it with moss.

The wire was then just pushed into the foam to make an arrangement.  I really like how the yellow, white and brown button flowers turned out!

And no wilting!

There are so many different things that could be created with this idea.  It would be fun to make button flowers to match a girls room decor.   Make them without a stem and attach a magnet, pinback or hairclip.  Attach them to a lampshade.  

I also simply wrapped the wire stem around a napkin to make a unique napkin holder.  The wire can be straightened out again later so they can return to their "garden".

So many buttons are truly little works of art.  Have fun combining colors, shapes and textures in order to create something that is uniquely you!  

Sorry, the last two photo's are pretty bright!  

I joined the Room To Inspire and Remodelaholic link parties.

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