Dad's Birthday Gift and Wrap

4:00 PM

Friday night we went over to my Dad's place to celebrate his birthday.  We had a really fun night and his wife Sherry cooked up a delicious feast.  My Dad is not really a gift kind of guy.  I wanted to bring him something though so I picked up some of his favorite snacks - cashews, pistachio's, chocolate and something else that looked really good - I hope he likes them - sea salt chocolate covered caramels.  Yum!
I ended up "wrapping" his package with things I had on hand and I really loved how it turned out so here it is!

First, I ended up using some scalloped scissors and just cut down my brown paper bag from Whole Foods.  Now I had my container.  I arranged the food items and popped in this plant that is delicate looking and has a lot of character.   I used some butchers twine and wrapped that around the brown paper bag to keep everything more secure.  Oh - I also used my shredder and shredded comics to use as filler in the bottom of the bag.  I like the soft colors of the comics.  Sorry they can't be seen in the picture.
I wanted to add some character so I made a photocopy on heavy paper of a letter B disc that I have in my craft supplies.  The letters come in handy for so many things.  The B is for my Dad's last name.

Behind the letter B I used a new baking cup that I found just this week at the craft store.  I didn't know at the time I purchased them that they would come in handy so quickly!  They are ruffled and I loved the look.  I folded it back on itself.   Not sure if that makes sense.  I used tape and a simple wooden skewer to attach everything together.  Tape is behind the B and then on the cupcake liner and the stick in the middle.  Very simple!

Well, that's it.  Hope you like this easy wrap and hopefully my dad is enjoying a good movie along with his snacks!

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