Mother's Day Gift Idea

10:30 AM

What happens when ...

You find a great simple bag,

 an assortment of broaches that you think are more than fantastic,

and scarves in your favorite soft candy inspired colors?


It all becomes the perfect inspiration for this year's Mother's Day gift!

Loop a scarf around the bags handle.

 Add a broach or two!

Enjoy it's prettiness!

The scarf and broach can easily be removed when the need to wear them arises.

At this point you can also take the time to fill the bag with things your mom would love:
gift card to her favorite coffee shop
journal or book
something from the new Caldrea line at Target - I like the olive oil scent!
fancy lemonade in the pretty glass bottles
makeup from Jane Iredale - my personal favorite!
mani/pedi certificate
a couple skeins of beautiful yarn so she can make a new scarf

You can also give the bag just as it is!
The possibilities are endless.

I am more than happy with how my gifts turned out! 

Simple bag in ivory and colorful scarves are from Old Navy.
Broaches are from a little shop called The Queen Bee.

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