Shop in the Spotlight: Fourth Street Mercantile

9:30 AM

I recently enjoyed a very beautiful spring afternoon in the city of Rochester.  One of those days where the air is just perfect and the sun is shining.  I started out having a little lunch at Beyond Juice before heading over to a newer shop that I have been looking very forward to visiting. 

Before I get to the shopping let me tell you about my lunch.  It was a very simple lunch but oh so good.  I had half of a tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato on multigrain bread.  The bread was so good.  With that I had a small version of their meal in a cup.  The one I chose was called Total Energy and consisted of strawberry, banana, honey, vanilla, ice, and something called basic formula.  I don't know what basic formula is - I only know that I had a very delicious drink.  Tasted like a fresh strawberry slush!  It was just so-ooo good!  I can't wait to go back.  Now for the shopping ...

Fourth Street Mercantile is the store I have been wanting to check out.  I was not disappointed.  The store is full of items old and new.  There is character packed into every nook and cranny.  Let me show you what I mean.

This is the wall sized chalkboard that greets you as you step into the shop.  It is so festive draped with flag buntings.

Here is the shops exterior.  I like how the bike is hanging in the far left window.

How about a closer view of the front window.  Right now some of the items that are being showcased are vintage signs, bottles, and crates.  The table they are resting on looks like an old industrial cart complete with wheels. 

This piece was so substantial.  Can you believe the size?  Love the wood, wire, and print.

Fourth Street Mercantile has a lot of nice storage shelves like this.  I think this would look great in my son's room.  I would hang it above his desk.  Great Detroit sign!

Unique lighting.

This cabinet is interesting being that it is wood on top and metal below.  I like the little canvas bags that rest on the metal shelves.  They would be super useful and would add nice texture to a space.

Plastic floats never looked so good!  I think this shows that repetition of almost anything can achieve presence when placed together in a glass apothecary jar.

Unique bottle stoppers and canning jars.  I actually own a couple of the stoppers.  I have had them for awhile and appreciate their uniqueness.

Vintage sets of silverware from Cake sitting in a very nicely sized old crate.  Imagine the beautiful table you could create.  You get the collected look without all the searching.

A very grand painted mirror.

 Lots of accessories for the table.  I like the galvanized pedestals.

A beautiful mantle - and check out the dog standing guard!

Burlap tote.

Garden items galore.  Many one of a kind items.

I fell for all the detail in this corner of the shop.   So much added history.  It is truly special.

A closer view.  It is intricate and chippy.  Don't you just love it?

I brought home some frames and a couple of bulletin boards.  I'll share my finds as soon as I have the time to transform some and decide on what art to place in the others.  

Also, if you have trouble getting your kids to shop with you this might help a bit.  There is a large shelf of old fashioned candy.  If you let them pick one out it will keep them busy for awhile!

Thank you so much for letting me photograph your store.  I love that there is such a great mix of items for both the man and lady of the house.  You have selected so many wonderful new and vintage items.  Your shop is a very enjoyable place to visit!

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