Estate Sale Finds

9:40 AM

I'm back with some of my estate sales finds.  It's funny how they worked so well as Fourth of July decorations.  That thought had never crossed my mind while shopping.

This is a table we have out in our yard.  It was originally from Lands End Home and we intentionally left it out to weather away.  Now the finish is just perfect.  In the summer on nice days I lug this heavy mirror out there. It's kind of funny because I don't like this mirror a bit inside my house - it's not dull and distressed enough - but when I take it outside to this weathered table I love it.  It's also nice to have that reflective surface.

I found the urn at Tuesday Morning and the crown canister at Home Goods.  The old ricer I picked up at the estate sale just because of it's finish.  I loved the patina of that old blue paint and knew it would work somewhere.

I am a huge fan of insulators.  Love them.  I picked up all 4 at the sale.  Instant collection!

Just a closer view of the ricer.

Here Fourth of July inspired bottle caps from a scrapbook store are resting in a canning jar turned candle holder. 

The jar is from the sale and the votive is wider that the jar so it just rests at the top. 

The vases here are not a vintage find - just something I picked up at Fourth Street Mercantile on my first shopping trip.  They are so unique.  I have used them to hold flowers and now flags.  My Dad said that the outer galvanized part is made from something that is used on exhaust pipes.  They are really nice because the glass jars slide right out for easy cleaning.

That is pretty much all the little touches in the backyard.  It's fun to mix old and new together. 

I found one more great item at the sale - I am using it in an unexpected way - I just don't want to show you yet because I decided I need to find a few more and really make a statement out of the item.  It is being used inside.  It was one of those times where I thought the item might look neat with another vintage item I have and it really worked out.  This reveal might take some time.

Isn't it fun to use items in other ways and even use items like the ricer which I need for nothing other than a little dash of color.

Hope you have a great day! 

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