Many Thanks !!!

11:28 PM

I must confess I've been a bit more than lucky lately.

I want to take the time today to officially say thank you - to introduce you to blogs that I so enjoy - and to share photo's of my winnings with you!  Some of my winnings required me to make decisions and in a few cases that took me some time! 

Have you won any blog giveaways yet?  When you actually win it is so unexpected and just plain fun!

Here we go!

My first official blog giveaway win came from one of my very favorite blogs.  If you have not found Style Your Life yet head right on over.  Jennifer does such a fantastic job pulling together outfits that are both wearable and affordable.  The photo sets above are from her blog.  Jennifer puts together the outfits and then lists where everything is from and how much each item costs.  I just love her work and I think her job sounds fantastic!  Also, if you want help finding the perfect outfit - for for a small fee Jennifer will create a look just for you!  I am thinking of using this service for ideas for a family photo.  She also creates look books for each season.

From Jennifer I won a Stella and Dot gift certificate.  There are so many beautiful pieces that it was very hard to choose - but I know I made the right choice.  I LOVE my new necklace.  Its easy to wear and unique!  Thank you Jennifer!  Be sure to also check out her Stella and Dot boutique!

{photo's via inspired design}

My next win came from Debby at Inspired Design.  Talk about a girl who's kindness just leaps right off the page (so to speak) - that is Debby.  She creates so many fun and unique posts.  She compares fashion to room, cars to rooms, couples to their homes.  Much creativity and thought are put into her blog.  She loves homes, fashion, and beauty products.  Stop on over to Inspired Design.  You will not be disappointed!

Oh - I almost forgot to tell you what I won!  A Sephora gift card!  I ended up choosing an eye pencil from Duwop that is supposed to make your blue eyes look bluer.  After using it I can't really say that it does, but I like it nonetheless.  I also chose a simple nail polish from their Opi for Sephora line - the color is Dear Diary.  Thank you Debby!   

{photos via flourish, design + style}

My third win comes from Sarah at Flourish, Design + Style.  I love Sarah's design taste.  She finds many unique spaces to showcase on her blog.  She also has a wonderful home filled with so many beautiful touches.  It also seems that we have a similar fashion sense.  The photo's above are a couple Sarah has posted on her blog.  The kitchen is one of her favorites!  Also, be sure to check out her series of posts called Hint of Pink.

Sarah had days and days of over the top giveaways and I was very happy to receive a zebra cell phone case made by Lisa Roy Handbags.  It is so well made and just a really fun accessory. 

{photo via lisa roy}

Lisa also has a lovely blog that I follow.  She just got ready for a craft fair and it was fun to "tag along" on the set up process with her.   Visit her blog here and then visit her online store to see her wonderful handbag assortment.  Thank you so much to both of you!

{photos via for the love of gold}

My fourth win comes from Brittany at For The Love Of Gold.  Brittany just moved into a new apartment and I am looking forward to watching her set up house.  The photos above are pictures she chose as part of her Friday Favorites.   I really like that mint nail polish.  Unexpected!

From Brittany I won a CSN Store gift certificate.  I don't have my purchases in hand so here are the photo's from their website.    First, a fun collar for Guinness.  I love her in lavender!  I have also been looking for a little mercury glass dish like this for years.  I was very excited to find this!  Thank you Brittany!

Once again, thank you so much to all of you!  
I'm actually a bit embarrassed by my good fortune!

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