Halloween Around the House

9:22 AM

Before the day passes us by I better show you some of our Halloween decorations.  We don't do scary here - we are more cheery and whimsical.

Halloween garland hangs between our dining room columns.  The letters are printed onto what looks like book pages and the backs of the stars are silver glittered.  This is made by Wendy Addison.

Found the frog glass lab vessel at Home Goods last year along with the harlequin candle.  This candle is neat because you just place a tealight inside and it lights up really well!  The mercury glass holders are from JoAnn Fabrics a few years back.  I bought so many that year and I'm glad I did because I haven't found anything like them since.

A glittered cat and ribbon that looks like spiderweb hang from the kitchen chandelier.

Another neat candle wearing stripes.  The black and white plate is from Home Goods and the black glittered basket is from a store in our area called Catching Fireflies.  I've had that for a long time now.

I made the BOO bags just using a monogram from Martha Stewarts website.  I cut out the letters and glued them to the mini brown bags.  Great for any occasion using any word you choose.  They could be strung up and hung like garland too!  The dessert glass turned candleholder is from Goodwill.  I added coffee beans because they just smell so good!  I'm going to post more on this soon.

Love the little pumpkin guy riding his crow.

A little more black and white.  I've been making a bunch of paper flowers lately.  Very happy with how they have turned out.  I'll blog more about those too.

I like the vintage look of this pumpkin lantern.  He looks neat when he's lit.  I also have my pin from when I donated blood.  That's as creepy as I get.

Our indoor pumpkin patch.

Spirits sign hangs on the lamp and there are little paper crows and black and orange striped candles added to the bowl.  I keep the mercury glass ornaments in there year round.

The candy corn has all been eaten so the crow is just resting on this stack of treasures - all from Goodwill! 

This pumpkin amazingly was found at Walmart!  I have two in green and one in creamy white.  Not sure if you can see them but there are glistening little beads covering the surface.

Guinness all cozy - Trick or Treat sign hangs from the mantle!

Thanks so much for looking!

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