Ingrid Michaelson

10:40 AM

I am so happy to report that last night I got to see my very favorite singer - Ingrid Michaelson!

I've been listening to her for years and her CD's rarely exit my player. 

I am the mom that will pick her kids up early from school so that they can enjoy an Ingrid mini concert.  As long as they are doing good in school - why not!  This day we went to the Ann Arbor Borders store and we had so much fun!  Ingrid performed a bunch of her songs - the boys sat on the floor right in front!  After the concert we waited to meet her.  In this photo Josh is telling Ingrid about our dog Guinness and how she is named after Ingrid.  When he told her our dogs name was actually Guinness Ingrid her friend said, "That's great - your name and a beer!"    I think Ingrid got a kick out of it! 

Our dog is from Ohio and when we were bringing her home Josh and Noah thought that the Ingrid music we started playing really calmed Guinness down.  That is how they decided on her middle name.   Ingrid even signed the photo of Guinness.

You can't go wrong with any of Ingrid's songs.  I enjoy them all.  I do have some favorites though - The Chain, Giving Up, You and I, Breakable, The Way I Am.  Oh - I could just go on and on so I'll stop now!  In this clip Ingrid answers some questions and in the background they play snippets of a variety of her songs.

Here is Ingrid's official video for her song "Maybe"

If you haven't heard Ingrid before please take a listen.  Hope you love her music as much as I do!  My husband even loved the concert!  He complimented her amazing talent all the way home!

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