Our Whippet In Her New Neckwear

2:34 PM

Now that the weather has cooled off a bit I am getting back into knitting.  Guinness is the first to receive something new to wear.  I had started her snood a long time ago and recently took the time to rip some of my rows out and then cast off the neck so it was loose enough.  I think I thought I finished it about 3 times and then it wouldn't be right and I'd have to try again.  I'm so glad it is behind me!  Messing up can get a little frustrating.

This is Guinness when I start to ask her a question ...

then I get a tilt of the head one way ...

and then the other.  She's so silly!

And sleepy and cuddly!

Here she is in her squirrel collar.  She loves to sit in this chair!  Really she thinks she owns all the comfy chairs in the house. 

I couldn't resist this collar.  

We are crazy about our Whippet.  Sweetest dog I could ever imagine.  

I have noticed that Whippets are popping up in commercials and print lately.  There is one in a PetSmart commercial and another in a Wheat Thin commercial.  White House Black Market has also used them in their catalogs.  Oh, and that great plate I just got from Anthropologie (previous post).  

I don't know about you but I get excited when I find my dogs breed in advertising!  It's a fun little surprise.

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