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On a Saturday morning about a month ago Noah and I went to Panera for breakfast.  As we were nearing our house I said "Noah, there is a baby walking in the middle of the street."  He was looking down at something and said "Oh, Mom" like I was joking.  After I repeated "No, really, there is a baby walking down the middle of the street" Noah looked up and said "Where did that baby come from?"  

There is a new family at the end of the street that I knew he had to belong to so Noah got out and walked with him to guide him home and then I met them when they reached our house and we took the little man home.  This little boy had to be a bit over one and he was 5 houses down the street in the middle of the road.  It turned out that Grandma was on watch and I am just thankful that he didn't decide to walk the other direction which would have taken him quickly to the main road.  Scary!  

Really, I am going somewhere with my story.  No dramatic ending though.

Just a couple of weeks ago on our way to Josh's school I found something else very near to this same spot that needed to be rescued.  Nothing precious like my previous find - but here it is!

I found 3 old Pepsi crates.  They are not painted in a color I would typically choose or think of as Pepsi, but for my Noah I figured that this was the perfect find. 

This is a little look at his room.  It is ready for some new paint.  Noah is really sentimental so he hasn't been in any hurry for me to remove the old border.  I admit - it's the nursery wallpaper.  Where else can you find wellies, hedgehogs, spades and snails.  I too will be a little sad to see it go.

I love the lamp.  The blue bulb is a grow bulb for plants.  I made his tooth bear - really fun to make - instructions on Martha Stewart's site.

In the bottom of his cabinet he has a basket full of Pez dispensers.

Why not display some of them in his new crates.  

I have to think of the crates not as yellow and blue - here they are maize and blue.  Noah is a huge fan of  U of M so this just became the perfect find for him.  Now it's really up to him to decide what he wants to use them for!

His collections of different kinds of cards fits nicely as well. 

Thanks for looking!

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