Bling for the Trough

10:58 PM

The guest bedroom trough is painted and just waiting for some final details

Here are my supplies: 
shiny buttons
flower brads 
grandma's brown vintage acetate ribbon
grosgrain ribbon
distressed metal clips
glue gun
needle and thread
wire cutters

This clip was super easy - I used wire cutters to snip the back off of a button and hot glue to attach.  Not bad.

This is my very favorite!  Before I started decorating the clips I really thought it would be kind of plain since the button was so simple.  I wanted to use some of my grandma's ribbon so I snipped off a little piece, cinched it in the center, and made a few stitches to keep it together.  I then stitched the grosgrain ribbon behind it.  Lastly I sewed the button on and wrapped the thread around the ribbon a couple of times to really cinch it and secure the button.  After the ribbons and button were together I just used my hot glue again and I LOVE it!  So simple and yet I find it adorable.

 The ribbon has a price sticker on it from Hudson's which used to be Detroit's amazing department store.  100 yards for $1.00.  My grandma was an executive secretary at Hudson's so she even got a discount on that.

Here they are all finished and lined up in our office.  I think I'm going to have to run out tomorrow and find some more clips.  With a little makeover they change from simply practical to cute but practical.  They would make great little gifts and I'm thinking our office could use a couple as well.

Now you might have a better idea of how I am going to use the trough in a way different from it's intended use! 

I joined the Funky Junk Interiors craft party.  You can find it here

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