My Favorite Paint Color and a Goodwill Find

11:01 AM

I just finished up a little wall painting.  I get so nervous before I start painting.  Once I get going I realize it's not so hard.  It sometimes even becomes a little relaxing.  Just a little.

This job wasn't a big one.  Just had to freshen up the wall.

This is my very favorite wall color.
I think it will always be somewhere in my house.

Benjamin Moore
springview green
FLAT finish - very important

This color is in our dining and front room and also in the hallway across from those rooms.  I don't like the paint to have any sheen.  Sheen gives it a yellow look while the flat lets the green shine through.

I used the color right below it in our office and it's really nice too.  That color is #492 dune grass.

Might as well slip in another paint color I like.  This color is on our great room walls - also Benjamin Moore - #715 in your eyes.  As we freshen things up this will probably remain the same as well.  I'm just trying to figure out a new color for the walls on our staircase that leads to our walkout.  It is right between the dining room and great room so it will have to work with both colors.  Once you get downstairs the office is on one side in the dune grass and the other side of the downstairs is a dark chocolate brown.

Here is my little goodwill find.

I love it's luster and flowers.  It's happily holding some Hershey kisses!  A few dollars well spent.

Do you have a paint color you can't live without?  I'd love to hear about it!

Have a great weekend!  Any fun plans?  It's super cold here so I plan on keeping warm.  Dinner with my friends tonight!  Everything else is up in the air!

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