Another Old Dictionary Art Project

1:34 PM

Right now my dining room table is covered from end to end with crafting supplies.  A pretty kind of mess!  In the midst of all kinds of supplies I had a mini brainstorm!  I recently picked up an old dictionary from Goodwill, and the thought came to me that both of my boys names just might be included.  Sure enough they were!

I love all of the different projects you can do with old dictionary's.  I love the print and the little drawings.

This painted frame was sitting empty without glass.  I really liked it that way, but this was really the perfect upgrade.  

Here is my Noah's page.  I added the glitter N, and then set the paper on top of a piece of dropcloth.

I also added a piece of glass to the top.  I just used painters tape on the back of the frame to hold everything together.

Noah really enjoyed the idea that his name was in the dictionary!

For Joshua's I simply framed the entire page.

I love that the word josh is right above Joshua.  Kind of fun!

They make a nice personal addition to our stairway frames.  I may see if I have an interesting rubber stamp where I can stamp a decorative border around each of their names to make the idea stand out more.  Without telling someone they might not see that the pages have meaning.  It would also add a little more interest!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Your visits put a smile on my face!

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