Easter Basket Ease

9:18 AM

Last week was full of activity so this week I figure I will go back in time and write up a few Easter posts.

I'm going to start out with the baskets.  
There are a few things that have always been the same when it comes to the boys baskets, and it really helps everything come together very easily each year.

The baskets my boys have are made of anodized tin and they have used this same basket and grass every year.  The baskets are also a very moderate size which makes it easier for the Easter Bunny to stock.

Each year their baskets are filled with yummy treats as well as a few trinkets.  Also, always under the basket the boys find a new book or two.  This year there were paints, brushes, mini canvases, and a mini paint mixing tray in the baskets along with the candy.

Cellophane wrap in various colors, and a nice new ribbon finish the baskets off.

 Each basket also has a tag from the Easter Bunny - a fresh tag each year, but the same exact tag every year.  I'm sure the rabbit printed up a big batch so he would be ready for years to come.

There is always one gift hiding in the house as well.  It is almost always a sharing gift.  The dogs were last years gift so I guess they broke the mold a little bit.  In this years wrapped gift they found beef jerkey, Detroit Tiger temporary tattoo's, and a Playstation card.
Little details like reusing the baskets, using the same tags, using cellophane and a fun ribbon, finding new great reads -  all of this makes it very easy to wrap up a simply cute little basket.

Other Easter Traditions we have are an Easter Egg hunt in the morning - outside on the front lawn if it doesn't rain or snow.  Inside the house if the weather is bad.

We also enjoy our traditional Easter Breakfast - Breakfast Butterscotch Rolls, Bacon, and Orange Juice or Mimosa for the adults!  This is a photo of last years table.

A week or so after Easter the Bunny hops back by the house to collect the baskets and eggs for the next year.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday!

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