Framing A Very Likable Quote

11:51 AM

This Summer I repainted our hall to the walkout, and also switched around some of the frames and things I had hanging there.

I had been wanting to add a quote, so when Noah came home from basketball camp and this quote was on the bottom on the coach's note I knew it was the one!

I had the hardest time getting clear photo's of this.  

The quote:  

There is a choice you have to make in everything you do.  And you must always keep in mind the choice you make, makes you.  

I love it - I just have to hope my boys really read it and think about it!

I also had this glitter circle hanging around - I just added some numbers that meant something to our family and then highlighted them by placing the circle around them.  I recently saw this circle in clear too which would also be very nice to use.

Here is how you can make your own framed quote:

First, print out any quote on plain paper.
You will probably have to play around with sizing and spacing until you have it just the way you want it for your frame and paper.
I used a font called albemarle swash.
At first I thought I would print the quote on an old dictionary page, but as you can see below - that came out way to busy.
Next idea, sheet music!  Thankfully that worked!

Step 2 is just to take your white piece of paper with the quote on it, and hold your sheet music on top.  Hold the paper up to either a lightbulb or just the outdoor light from your window.  Doing this will show you where you need to place your sheet music so that your quote prints out where you want it to.
When you have everything lined up the way you want it use a glue stick to adhere the sheet music to your printer paper.  You are going to send both sheets through the printer together.  Really, just make sure the top of your sheet music is secured so that when the sheets go through your printer they won't separate.  You can add a little glue to the sides as well for a little more peace of mind.

Add any kind of embellishment you want - this glitter frame is from Making Memories.

Lastly, add it to a frame.  This frame is from Michaels, but has been discontinued.  They have a new frame that is kind of similar though.

I still have a couple more frames to add to the wall and then I will post that area - and my new paint color which is subtle and I just love it!

Happy crafting!

I linked this project to Tuesday's Treasures.

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