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I've spent the last few days cleaning up our home office.  4 bags of shredded papers - now I just have to organize the cupboards and the bookshelf.  While cleaning I found this article from The Detroit News that I had held on to.  I just loved the story they ran on this cottage.  It took a little searching since the story was from 2009, but I finally came across the photo's online so I had to show you.  It's also nice because now that this is stored on my blog I can ditch some more paper.  It feels so good to lighten our load around here!

I adore the exterior colors the owners chose - inspired by a box of saltwater taffy.  It's a great mint shade mixed with lavender shutters and a pink bench.

The owners furnished the entire cottage for around $1000.  The rattan set in this photo was a mere $50 and the beautifully colored desk with a missing drawer - $7.  Toile wallpaper - $5  for a double roll at Lowe's.

The missing drawer was dressed up with a birds nest and a shell.

Closer look at that wallpaper.

The look is carried through with some plates.

In the boys bedroom $40 metal beds were spayed lime green.

The kitchen's farmhouse sink - $25 score.

The dining room is furnished with a $20 patio set - cushions and all.

$10 distressed green cabinet.

Old pocket watches are used to display photo's.

The cottage also has a collection of old sand pails, and this is what the owner said she spent to most on.

Just one more photo - this was in the article, but I couldn't find it online.  It is the front sunroom.  This room has so much character I just couldn't leave it out.

It looks like such a relaxing summer getaway, and was all designed to be kid, dog, and bathing suit proof.  Lake Huron can be seen from the end of their drive.  It is also so inspiring to see what can be accomplished on a very tight budget. 

All photo's are from The Detroit News

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