2011 Chrsitmas Party Invites

10:24 AM

This years invites are finished and delivered!

I have really loved using old book pages in projects this year.  I like them so much I used them to create our Christmas invitations.

I started by cutting out a bunch of circles using book pages, paper, and tissue.  Then just layered them up, and secured each of them with a brad.

I printed out the invites using gray ink - then I thought navy would be a great compliment.

The invite still needed a little something more.  The red and white striped bakers twine was in my ribbon box -  and since it reminded me of candy canes, hot cocoa, and Christmas why not use it as the perfect addition.

When I'm making a whole bunch of invites I like to treat it as a production line - cut everything that has to be cut and then assemble, assemble, assemble!

I used the tape runner to secure the navy ribbon.

Next, I placed a large adhesive dot on top of the ribbon.

The bakers twine was then set on the dot.

Lastly, I pushed the little circle into the adhesive dot.

Piles all ready.

We try to incorporate giving to others in need into our party.  We like to focus on a local charity.  This year we have chosen Forgotten Harvest.  They are my favorite food bank charity around!  They are Detroit's only food rescue operation, and that helps make each donation go so much farther than the traditional food bank charity.  5 meals for every dollar!

Invites were tucked into red lined envelopes.
Because of the embellishment I have the post office hand cancel the stamp - it keeps the invite out of the machines which could punch a hole in your envelope and tear things up.

Here are some general notes I made about the invite.  It's a good way to refresh my memory.

I made this up quick so you can see all of the text.

A couple of my favorites - this one happened to have the words frostbite, frosty - very wintery!  I randomly pulled out pages so you never know what you will get.  I also scanned them quickly just to make sure there wasn't anything inappropriate in the text.  There was one I had to pitch!

Love the dog!

I will be back next week with another book page craft or two.  My friend Karen and I started working on something last night - they are going to be great!

If you missed last years invite, and want to see them please click here and here.

I joined the following link parties:

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