Graduation & A Needed Break

10:55 PM

Oh Happy Summer!

We have been busy enjoying ours, and I have taken a much needed break from the computer.

Josh recently graduated from the 8th grade.  He and one of his friends decided to go old school and wear bow ties.  I liked his so much I used it to dress up one of the frames in our hallway.  I love this drawing that Noah made many years ago.

Here are some of the books Josh has made at school over the last few years.
At his school you learn about a subject, and then you create main lesson pages.  At the end of each year the pages are binded together to make a book.

At graduation each student has an area to display their books and art.  They also each have a photo board with pictures of them from birth to now.

All of the students do some kind of presentation at graduation.  We enjoyed singing, instrument playing, reading, a original poem, and a catapult demonstration this year.  Their teacher also speaks about each student individually.  I have never been to a graduation anywhere else that is full of such detail, thought, and special moments that you will find at Josh's school.  It is a special little place in the world, and he is very fortunate for having been able to be a part of it.

Every graduating class also leaves a creative gift to the school.
Josh's class drew and constructed this giant mosaic which will grace the hall wall at the main entrance.

It's hard to believe that Josh is already going to be in high school.  I'm not sure where the time has gone.

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