Hello Again - Plus a Front Room Update

6:25 AM

Just checking in ...

Only one more week of Summer vacation, and it will be a busy one.  Orientations, class schedules, a tradition of breakfast out at one of our favorite breakfast spots after we meet the teachers and get the books, 3 barbecues, two dinners, a so needed haircut, basketball, dealership, pool party, fantasy football draft party, and one little man working on some service hours.  I really hope I didn't forget anything!  Oh - Target for school supplies!

I know I took lots of time off of blogging this Summer.   I had my focus on other things, and sometimes I am not the best at really focusing well on lots of things.  I'll talk more about that in another post, but for now I thought I'd share a corner of our front room where I made a little bit of a gallery wall.

This cabinet holds all of my CD's.  Does anyone else still have a bunch of CD's.  I'd like to go through them, and put my music in the Cloud.  Then there will be some I can just get rid of, but I know I will still keep lots of them that I really like.  I still grab them to listen to in the car.

I had the candlesticks and the cross-stitch on the cabinet, and the letter f was just leaning.  I hung the f, added a funny photo of the boys when they were little, hung a little mirror, and added a cute print to the top of the cabinet.  As I find more things that will work I will keep adding.

I had to add the word merriment to the boys photo because one is slumped on the sofa, and the other is rolling his eyes.

I have a thing for typography.  This frame is pretty neat too - it has a inset of iridescent beads.

 I bought this from Courtney of a little glass box.  It's always nice to think that you are somebody's favorite.

So, that's the start of my gallery.  Oh, the rabbit and cabbage cross-stitch is something I made a long time ago.  You use hand dyes yarns to stitch it so it comes out really variegated.

One last thing - I used a old metal and silk lampshade as the vase for my paper flowers.  I just tipped it upsidedown, and it made the perfect holder.

Thank you for reading.  I'll get back to regular blog visits soon.  I won't be such a stranger here either.

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