What I Have Been Working On

8:56 AM


I'm happy to report that I have my very own little shop space!

I've been busy making things to fill it up, and looking at garage and estate sales for just the right extras.

It's a mix of:

My shop is a shop within a shop.  I made a couple of signs to direct traffic to my space.  I used vintage ledger paper, glittered letters, tickets, and simple handwriting.

I figured I should use things that I will also be selling.  I've made lots of pinwheels out of the ledger paper - I have rolls of tickets - and there are packages of glittered clothespins.

This is a second smaller sign I came up with.
To make the signs I gathered things from around the house, and I'm happy with how they look.

Together in our front room.

I also added one of my paper flowers.

I've had lots of busy days, and late nights.   I've really been enjoying it.  Sadly our house is messy, messy!  I was working on cleaning it up tonight, and made a little progress.  I will talk more about the shop itself soon, but here is the basic information. 

You can find my space at:

110 S. Saginaw
Holly, MI  48442

Tuesday-Saturday 10-5
Sunday Noon to 4

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