Thanksgiving Centerpiece & Crafting & Cupcakes

1:20 PM

I spent yesterday pretty much doing fun things.  I went out with my friend Kare and her 12 year old niece - we went to Rochester for a small amount of shopping and lunch at Smackwater Jacks.  Then we headed to Utica to see Beverly at Before and After Interiors.

I had the evening to myself - I first entered all of my inventory into Excel - then I got some sushi and rented a Redbox - I rented the 5 Year Engagement since it was filmed in Ann Arbor - personally I thought much of it was juvenile-potty-pig man-no depth type humor.  I liked the man who was the stay at home Dad that took up knitting - his creations were very outlandish.  Jason Segel was pretty repulsive throughout the film.  I guess I just don't get obvious stupid man humor.   I have laugh until you cry real life stories that are better than anything in that film.  Seems like so much more could have been done.  Anyhow - I like funny - Big Bang Theory, Suburgatory, Go On - to me those are intelligent laugh out loud funny.  What a complainer I am today :)

We had 23 people over for Thanksgiving so we went more casual than usual.  I don't have a pretty fully set table to show, but this is the centerpiece I've had on the table throughout Fall.
I gathered up a bunch of different pumpkins that I had throughout the house - threw on some pinwheels pretty much by mistake, but I then liked them there.   It happened while I was packaging things for my shop.

My nieces LOVE crafting when they come over so here are the projects we did this year.  I like to have a ornament for them to make.  This year we decorated clothespin reindeer with eyes, a nose, markers, and glitter.  I forgot to take the after photo's, but they were really cute.  I made the ornaments up beforehand since they needed time to dry - then the girls could just decorate.

Project number 2 was decorating the paper cones shown above.  They colored them with crayons and then added buttons and sparkly trim if they wanted.  My youngest niece first decided they should come over every Saturday, and later told her Mom that they should come over every day.  I thought that was really sweet.  I'm glad she had fun.

Lastly, this is just a photo of one of my favorite cupcakes.  It is from the Holiday Bazaar at J's old school.  See the flecks of vanilla!  I saw the box of 4 sitting on the bake sale table and gathered them up as fast as I could - this year the cupcake was banana.  Little things like that really do make me happy!  I have the recipe for the frosting directly from this fantastic baker along with her vanilla cupcake recipe - I will try to share that someday!  She uses raw ingredients where possible, and they are gluten free.  Yum!

Well, that is my randomness for today.  I have to go run errands!  Hopefully Josh will come with me.  Noah is in a basketball tournament today - he played last night and did well.  Even sunk a 3 pointer as one of his baskets!  OK - I'm going now.  Bye!

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