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7:08 PM

I own an iPad, but admit I really don't have many apps. My four most used are Flipboard, Pandora, Solitaire, and Paper.  Today I thought I would show you Paper.

This is what the icon looks like.

With Paper you can create your own notebooks, and fill them with whatever you wish.  With each notebook you name it, and add a photo.   You can have as many or as few sheets of paper in your notebooks as you wish.  You can also make as many notebooks as you wish.  In the first photo I named it Places To Go Together, and used a picture of our Christmas card.  Inside are ideas of places to visit - places to eat, etc.  For each notebook I used photo's taken with my phone since they are also on the iPad.

In this book I keep notes of things I need to do to the house.  The book to the left has a photo of Josh and his homecoming date.  I think this photo looks like art for a CD cover.

When you create your actual pages it is best to get a stylus which makes writing easier.  I did the drawing below, and all the writing without the stylus so it will work that way too.  There are a bunch of different writing instruments you can choose from, and you can make the ink any color you like.

Here is a very rough sketch of a direction for the bathroom vanity.   I drew it out in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.   I used the paintbrush to color in the drawing to mimic light gray paint, and used darker gray for the concrete slab.  So that's a sneak peek at the vanity :)  The final result is pretty similar.

Paper is also nice to use to make lists - you can also use the paintbrush to highlight a title with whatever color you create.

You can doodle.

Josh drew this dog picture.  It's cute!

Paper is a useful way to keep your lists and ideas in one place. A way to get rid of those little paper scraps that find themselves here and there.  There is also a nice eraser for when you complete a task - or you can just cross it off.  Oh, I also LOVE that you can email any page you create.  That was very handy with the vanity drawings.

I hope I explained this app well enough.  Let me know if you have any questions.

What are your favorite apps?  I'd love to know.

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