Bath Update ...

11:58 AM

Our shower is finished and ready to use.  Removing the tub and adding the glass doors makes the space feel so much larger.  So nice!

We also shortened the header and raised the inside height of the shower.

Shower door hardware.

I searched and searched for this toilet.  We had found one like it at Lowe's, and then when we went to purchase it they no longer had it.  I searched on their website until I finally came across this.  Probably looked through 500 toilets!

Living in the house of men I WANTED this toilet.  Do you see the sides - straight clean lines.  Most toilets have so many curves and grooves on the side which makes cleaning difficult.  I also really like the nice trim detail around the bottom.  The hardware is really nice too!

So, we have a working shower and toilet.  I'm finishing up the lights today.  I changed from my rustic idea ... now think bling!  The bling was really our first choice - then I thought the rustic would be fun.  Then the room was just calling for the bling!  I'll be back soon to show you!

Happy Saturday!

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