Let There Be Lighting!

11:12 AM

I still have a few things to finish up in our second bath, but I wanted to check in and show you how the lighting turned out.

The lights are better than I even imagined they would be.  From the start the picture light was the choice for over the vanity.  I wanted to add the bronze finish to the bath, and lighting was the perfect place to bring it in.  The bronze really helps to ground a otherwise very light space.

The quality of this fixture is amazing.  It is substantial - the crystals are heavy.  It really brings everything together.  We purchased this in the beginning - then at one point thought we might go rustic - as the bath progressed it became apparent that this had to go up.  I think it is perfection.

We are nearing the end.  In real time the vanity is in, and everything is working great.  Now I just have to get moving, and add some finishing touches.

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