Among The Pines - A.A. Bondy

11:09 AM

Today I thought I would post a song I really like.  I heard it some time back when I was listening to a public radio show called The Dinner Party Download.   If you haven't stumbled across this gem of a show you just might want to check it out.  I have been downloading their podcasts to my iPod so I can listen anytime.  Here is what their website says about their show:

 Welcome to The Dinner Party Download - an hour-long celebration of culture, food, and conversation designed to help you dazzle your friends at this weekend’s get-together. In every episode you’ll learn a joke…bone up on an odd bit of history and then wash it down with a themed cocktail…meet an artist of note (say, Spike Lee or Willie Nelson)…learn the answers to your burning etiquette questions…savor an emerging food trend…and hear your new favorite song. Plus, unconventional wisdom from hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam.

To find The Dinner Party Download click here.

Now for the song.  It so reminds me of being a carefree kid with infinate time in a day growing up on a lake.  Love it!  

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