This Morning - Our Front Room

10:25 AM

We finally have a little sunshine here in the burbs of Metro Detroit!  We are also getting a little warm weather today along with some rain showers.  With how cold, rainy, and gray it has been I will take it!

Yesterday I went with Noah, and he is all signed up for his High School classes.  Crazy!  He had his first baseball game of the season Saturday.  It rained, snowed.  I wasn't there, but heard of his mad skills!  Other than that he was Mr. Social with visits to two of his buddies homes with a handful of friends at each.  He is always up for anything.  My Josh just kind of hung around this weekend.  Sometimes he just likes his peaceful time away from school.  He had a busy week last week with workouts and segment 2 of drivers training so I think he just wanted to decompress.

I decided to take a few pictures of our front room this morning since it is nice out, and I have light.

Here it is.  It's not perfect, but it is home.

This room is the spot in the house we go to and read and relax.

It's one of this little monsters favorite places to rest and look out the window as well.  She truly thinks she owns this chair!

Well, I am going to head out now, and enjoy this day before the rain comes.

As always, thank you for visiting and reading :)

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