My Little Loves & Happy Birthday!

10:12 AM

Hi!  It's me.  I know I don't put many photo's of myself on here so today's the day.
I've been meaning to post some photo's of my friends and I, soon hopefully.

This is my little man.  He is so happy that he is taller than me :)
My husband doesn't really want me posting photo's of the boys, but you really can't see his face so I think it's ok.
Love that hair!
 He has been a complete blessing and joy to me every single day!  Nicest person in the world.

Happy Birthday to you little man.
I ran out this morning to get his yearly request of Krispy Kreme Originals for his class.
Rainy morning - freeway shut - quite the trip.
 He has school today - then play practice til 10.
We are going to take him out to lunch so we can see him - then I am going to volunteer at play practice.   Last night after play practice I needed to get fuel so we went to the gas station near school (where I got some of my Easter basket supplies).  I gave the boys some cash to go shop inside.  Noah came out, and enthusiastically exclaimed that he could easily spend a hundred dollars in that place.  What a funny comment about a gas station, but filled with drinks and beef jerkey a teens heaven.

The one and only thing he wanted for his birthday - a quesadilla maker.  
His wish has been granted - along with some basketball clothes, hot sauce, big league chew, Mexican Sprite, and sunflower seeds. 

This is my other love - disguised by sunglasses.  He just cut off all his hair.  Makes me look tiny.  Noah took the photo's of us, and they are funny because they are all crooked.  Makes me smile.

Just for fun - me laughing after performing a goofy dance.  Ha!
Goodness, I can't believe it's Friday!

Enjoy the weekend!

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