Warning: Pretty Random Post - Mother's Day Breakfast - Gifts - Gloomy by Matt Costa (A Song I'm Loving) - Tea - TV Shows I Like ...

12:10 PM

This year we shared a simple breakfast with our Mom's.

Sparkling beverages from Trader Joe's
Blackberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries
Almond coffee cake from the cutest local Bakery - Thomas Cake Shop - the owners are adorable :)
Trader Joe's Dry Rubbed Bacon
Scrambled Eggs

I wasn't planning on taking pictures, but it all looked pretty nice.

Green Plates from Target last year.
White dishes - Sophie Conran
Vintage cake stand

We gifted our Mom's books (my Mom is already loving this Nate book)

and pots of Lavender.   Josh wants to name the next dog Lavender - I like it!  I can't wait to read this book as well.  I just picked up books I really want, and hoped they would enjoy them.


Organic green tea was waiting on the table.

Teapot from Teavana.  I really want to spoil myself someday with this peach tea that they carry.  I tried it in the store - I found it delicious!

Noah had a baseball game on Mother's Day so I went to a little of that game.  It was freezing out - hail was falling.  I also caught up on my TV watching - Smash and Nashville.  I like days where I don't feel guilty at all for just hanging out.

In honor of this great Michigan weather - here is one of my new favorite songs.  It is by Matt Costa, and is called Gloomy.  It's catchy, and upbeat despite the title.  I LOVE it!  My sister gave me his CD titled Songs We Sing, and it has been playing in my car very much as of late.  It's one of those where I really like almost every song.  Somehow mine has Gloomy on it, but I can't find it online - Gloomy is last on mine.  Anyhow - I see he has a new CD - I will have to check that one out as well.

Video quality is really not so good - only one I could find though - and it's really only 2 minutes long.  Hope you'll listen.  Happy Tuesday! 

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