Fourth of July Style - Chocolate Dipped & Sugared Up Fortune Cookies

9:39 PM

Hello again!  It's been awhile.  I do have some new things to share soon so that is a good thing.  Right now I'm busy getting ready for our annual Fourth of July party, and came up with something new for dessert.

The fun fortune cookie!  My son Noah doesn't really like the cookie itself, but he enjoys seeing what words await him inside.  I think I may even find him snacking on this new version.


This cookie is my favorite as far as pretty goes.

Making the cookies is very simple.  I purchased a large box of fortune cookies from our local Asian market.

I used CandiQuik coating which made the job all that much easier.  
You are able to melt the chocolate right in the tray that is inside the package, and just work from that.

I gathered all of my colored sprinkles and sugars in Fourth of July colors.  From the cake supply store I purchased little blue and white sugar flowers.

To create the dipped cookies simply:

1. gather some small bowls and fill each with some of each color of sugar you wish to use.  I used little glass Pyrex dishes.

2. Unwrap some cookies.  I snipped the end off each package with scissors.  Made it much easier to remove the cookies from their packages without breaking so many.  I would just unwrap a bunch, make them, and then unwrap more as I went along.

3.  Melt CandiQuik in the microwave.  I decided to use the vanilla flavor so the sugar colors would pop.

4.  Dip the fortune cookie into the chocolate.  Easiest if you use a rocking motion - like a rocking horse.

5.  Hold the cookie upright for a short bit, and then dip the cookie into the sugar color of your choosing - use that same rocking motion.

I then set my cookies on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

6.  When all cookies are finished you can add a sugar decoration.  I chose little flowers - stars would be great too.  I used a skewer - dipped it into the chocolate - dabbed the chocolate onto the back of the flower - set the flower where I wanted it on the cookie.

Lastly I let them dry completely, and put them in an airtight Tupperware container.


Can't wait to put them out on the Fourth.


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