Tutorial: Turn A Storebought Memory Foam Mat For Your Dog's Crate Into Something Stylish For Your Home

10:05 PM

I just might have a problem.


I like things to look good to my eyes, and sometimes when you want pretty you just have to create it yourself.   My Whippet, Guinness, likes to be comfy so I wanted to add some extra cushion to her kennel.  I always find it surprising when you go into one of the pet supply stores how very unappealing their pet beds are.  Do people really want to put this stuff into their homes?  I think we can often just settle with what is there, and figure that is what it is supposed to look like.   For me, I just can't do it.   When you see the before of the bed hopefully you will really like the after.  Now I'm thinking - why not spray paint the kennel itself.  That black metal isn't very exciting either.    

I caved and bought an orthopedic type cushion for the bottom of the kennel.  Nothing pretty about it. 

It's dimensions:  35L 22 w 2.5 deep

Then went around my house to see what fabrics I could use to disguise it.

I used some feedsack material from a Decor Sales sale.  (See previous post)

I also used some floral material, and a velvety stripe that I bought on clearance years ago.

So, I made this up by the seat of my pants.  Here are my main measurements ...

I cut 2 main pieces out of the the feedsack fabric 37 by 26 1/2 inches.  I cut everything so it would be roomy, and even though I pre-washed the fabric I figure there may still be some shrinking in the future.

I cut my side pieces 4" deep.  I used feedsack on 3 sides, and the stripe on one.  I like to mix up colors when I wear clothes and accessories so why not on the bed too!

I cut pieces out of the floral fabric to make some flange welting - I cut those pieces 3" wide.

To sew the bed:

fold flange fabric in half - wrong sides facing in.
tuck the flange in between your top and side piece.
You want your top and side pieces to have the good side facing in.

(flange folded in half)

(this is what it will look like when you unfold it)

(this is how I made the corners of each flange look - it's a dog cover so I wasn't too picky)

(here is a side sewn up)

I first attached all of the sides to the top, and then I attached the bottom piece.

Pinning each area together as you go keeps everything straight.

I left one side of the cover open so I could slip the bed inside.  To secure it shut I used iron on Velcro.  That is what the long tan stripe is.  It tucks itself around the end of the bed, and secures itself inside the bed so it's hidden.  So far so good - she has not eaten the bed.

Note:  Before I made a cover for the pad she did tear apart another bed just like this.  Had a big shredding party while I was out.  When I brought it home she did grab it and run through the house with all of it's giantness.  She thought it was a toy.  I guess I should have known better, and been faster in making this cover.

Here is the original bed in all of it's furry brown glory.

Ahhhh, and now.

My Punky Brewster blue stripe moment.

She loves to just let herself into her kennel throughout the day, and with this new cushy layer I find her in there more and more often.  I like that the new look blends with what we already have in our home.

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