Did You Say Goat?

3:26 PM

Actually, I really want to write about the Goat Rodeo Sessions today.

My sister introduced me to the music of Chris Thile more than a few years ago.   Fielder, Josh, Noah, and I have enjoyed his concerts in Ann Arbor as Chris Thile, and with his band The Punch Brothers.  Last night along with my mom and sister I saw him in his newest group - The Goat Rodeo Sessions.  We saw them at Meadowbrook - the weather was amazing (high 70's all evening) - the crickets were loud.  It was the most peaceful concert I have ever been to.  At one point I just laid back on my blanket - shut my eyes - and just enjoyed the perfection of the evening.

The Goat Rodeo includes the following musicians:

Chris Thile
Yo-Yo Ma
Stuart Duncan
Edgar Meyer
and with Aoife O'Donovan (on some of the songs vocals)
You have to listen to her voice.  Just beautiful.

It is really hard to choose which video to put here so I picked one with Chris and Aoife.

The concert ended with them singing a song called All Through The Night.  Check it out on iTunes.  It was the perfect ending.

Here is a longer video about how The Goat Rodeo came to be.  It includes some of what is in the video above.

 I am addicted.  If you like  The Goat Rodeo Sessions also be sure to check out all of Chris Thile's music.  He is unique, and his songs are interesting and different.

Thanks for reading!  It's kinda funny because on one of my recent posts I have something like 1070 views and one comment.  It's sometimes hard to be a blogger out here.  Say hello if you stop by.  I love reading your comments :)


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