Renovating Pontiac

11:27 AM

I don't know about you, but I find it exciting when someone takes something that is crumbling, and restores it to it's former glory - or in this case maybe even made it better than it originally was.

This story in our local paper is a very inspiring example.

I have fallen hard for the exterior colors they chose.  The blooming tree out front just adds to it's charm.

This home is located in the Franklin Boulevard Historic District in Pontiac.  Prior to 1920 this was a private residence - in 1954 it became an office for Catholic Social Services.  The new owners have restored the property, and it is now The Murphy House Bed and Breakfast.   They hold public and private events - tea parties are also an option.  They have also restored another home on this same street where they run a gallery. 

I had a friend back in high school that lived on one of the historic streets in Pontiac.  Her house had two lion statues at the end of her drive.  There are unexpected historical treasures that truly exist in this town.   If you know the Pontiac area this would probably not be the first thought you would have.  There also exists some very rough sections.  Next time I drive by I will take some photo's of the homes.  They are truly beautiful - they just don't make homes rich with this much character and thought anymore.

For more information on this property and their gallery visit:

What do you think?  Do you love it? 

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