Wrap It Up - Old Sweater Cuffs Used As Ribbon

10:22 AM

It was my sister's birthday yesterday - Happy Birthday again Field!

I had a little fun with the wrapping using things I had on hand.

I started out by using some scrapbook paper as my main wrap.

I also used some blue wrap that Homegoods uses to wrap up your breakables.  It was a nice shade so I had saved it.   Inside are some of my favorite drugstore lip glosses - rolled them up in the paper - twisted the ends - adding ribbon to one of them.

I decided the scrapbook paper needed some ribbon, and was going to use some butchers twine, but then had a lightbulb moment.  After making many little sweater pumpkins there were lots of  scraps laying around which included some cut off sweater sleeve cuffs.  I thought why not try that as ribbon.

It worked out, and was fun for a different option to traditional ribbons.  Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

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