Christmas Party Invites - 2013

9:01 AM

So much for using a lot of color.
In my previous post I showed a photo of where I found my inspiration.
 From that photo it seems I have just taken the yellow.  Mustardy yellow has been kind of a thing with me this year.  I just love it.  In the end the green and the aqua were just too much for my eyes to look at.  Too busy.

I was working in my dark office - I apologize for the photo quality.  Here is the invite.  I like how the fonts are working together.  I like to use a print and a script together, and usually just keep it to 2 fonts.  The fonts I used are Amatic SC Regular and Mardian.

 Strips of music were cut from an old book.

A stack of Kraft paper was cut. 

To assemble I just angled the music across the kraft paper, laid the invite on top, and stapled them all together. 

I had bought a few packs of little paper flowers last year in the dollar section at Michaels.  I ran across them, and decided I would use them on the invites.  They are glued on with Elmer's.

Envelopes are from Paper Source - curry - size A6.

Also, I am now on Instagram - lynda_happenstance

I'm bummed I didn't start sooner.  It's pretty fun.

Lastly - love the stamps!  This kind of color I can deal with :)  I also used a white pen to address the envelopes.  I picked up the pen at Paper Source as well.

Happy Monday!

I'm getting some of our carpet cleaned this morning - and then tomorrow I will put up the front room Christmas tree!  The house just looks so much better at Christmas.

Oh - Gosh.  I almost forgot the wording that I got from that commercial - Shelly says she like to go out for drinks and eats.  So, drinks and eats it is!

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