Great Room - Holiday Style

8:45 AM

Great Room at Christmas.

There are two entrances to this room.  One from the foyer and one in the back of the house by the kitchen.  This is the foyer view.  It is also a really hard room to decorate with 3 focal points - window/fireplace/tv wall.  I just do my best. 

The cozy chair by the fire.

This chair is usually where the tree is.  It is just tucked beside the tv cabinet for now.

I took our foyer table, and tucked it in the window.
Something really needed to ground that space in the bay window, and this table was just the right size.

I finally framed more pictures and drawings.

This stack of books and the candle sit on our mirrored side table which is by the chair by the fire.

The start of a gallery wall.  This is to the left of the window, and the kitchen is to the left.  You can see just a sliver.

I LOVE our TV cabinet.

Definition tag with Hallmark showing - just because there have been a whole lot of Hallmark movies watched this season.  Vintage glass has crowns on it.

Pinwheel bouquet with pictures tossed in.

Vintage ornaments with book page squares attached to sticks have also been added for the holiday.

Stockings I made J and N long ago.

Great room looking into foyer, and the front room beyond.
See, this first level is a big circle.  Oh, how the boys loved running around it when they were little.

I can't believe 2013 is almost over!

I will be back with a little more Christmas.  I also snapped some pictures of our downstairs.

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