The Little Mitten Cupcakes

8:11 AM

This was the start of a lapse in my super healthy eating habits.  It happened mid-December when I bought myself a cupcake.

I couldn't resist the flavor name - Eggnog.  Intriguing. 

I actually ate it the next morning as part of my breakfast, and it was delicious!  Probably should mention I usually do not like cupcakes/cakes/cookies from bakeries.  There is actually only one that I ever order, and it is the red velvet from Astoria Bakery.  The only other cupcakes I really like I admittedly stalk at the school bazaar - just waiting for the specific box to be delivered. (happily I got her recipe)

Writing about the PieBox carriers made me remember that I wanted to share this great new cupcake find with you.

I ended up ordering for our Christmas party instead of baking myself.  It was nice to take a break from baking, and be less stressed with all the preparations a party brings.

The cupcakes are made by Melissa Battani of 
The Little Mitten 
"a quirky cupcake company" 
She has a space in The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale.  Her cupcakes did not disappoint, and our friends had fun taste testing :)  There were lots of mini cupcakes cut into halves and quarters around the tables.

I snapped some photo's of each to make a flavors sign.
Take a look below to see the imaginative flavors.

1.  Eggnog 
(note:  order them with vanilla frosting instead of spice frosting)

3.  Red Velvet

4.  Curry Coconut

Adorable and delicious!  She has many more flavors to choose from!

Melissa can be contacted at & she also has a Facebook page.

                             Napkins and polka dot kraft paper from Target.  
              Yarn garland made by me.

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