Watching Movies - Two "Must See Picks"

11:51 AM

Here is my short list of must see movies.  While watching both of the films below you really forget that they are movies, and that the people in them are actors.  It feels like you are watching real people dealing with real life - daily struggles - heartaches - laughs.

Up first, People Like Us.   So enjoyed this.  Absolutely a new favorite.  Basically a story about a father dying, a son finding out he has a sister he never knew existed, and the complicated relationship and feelings each of the siblings have despite one having the father present, and the other being abandoned.  It was really good, and I am looking forward to watching it again very soon.

Next on my list - The Station Agent.  I adore this film.  It is one of those stories that stays with you - the characters stay with you.  I first watched this movie years ago (2003) when it first came out, and I loved it!  You really have to listen - more like listening while there is dialogue and even in the silences.  I can't say enough good things about the characters.  I was so excited to find it again - Josh, my big 16 year old,  even watched with me and truly enjoyed it.  It begins with Finbar, played by Peter Dinklage.  He is working in a train shop, and really keeps to himself aside from the shop owner.  Sadly, his friend, the shop owner passes away.  He leaves Fin a piece of property in his will.  It is an old train station in the middle of nowhere, and Fin decides to move there.  He thought it sounded perfect for a life away from people.  Little did he know he would meet Joe.  Joe is super friendly, upbeat, and a talker.   Joe does not clue in on the fact that Fin really wants to be left alone.  Joe is played by Bobby Cannavale.  I read that he starred in a HBO series called Boardwalk Empire, and also in Cupid.  Now I want to check those out as well.  Patricia Clarkson rounds out the main trio of characters.  She is dealing with a great loss, and her character is very complicated.  

When you get time to relax I think you will find People Like Us and The Staiton Agent very worthwhile watches.

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