Office Design - Front Entry Plan

8:33 AM

Here is a peek at my plan for the front entry of the office building I'm working on.


The company wanted this space to serve as a spot for people to wait, lets say, if they don't have an actual meeting set up.  If they are just dropping by.  There is a medical component to the business so this is needed for security practices as well.

All of the walls in this area are mainly windows.  I am still trying to sell them on the drape idea.  I think that is is needed for extra color and softening of the window frames.  Even just on one of the walls this would be a big help.  We will see if that happens.

Otherwise, I chose 4 comfy chairs in a black herringbone pattern, a hammered metal coffee table, and a rustic peasant bench to warm it all up a bit.

They needed new flooring so we went with tile that looks like wood.

Other than that I am going to put a bouquet of pinwheels on the table, and I have a couple of Sugarboo art pieces from the Target Collection.

  So this is the first space that people will see as they arrive.

I sure hope they go for the drapes!

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