Office Design - CEO Office

10:48 AM

Back again.

This time with my design board for the CEO Office.

This office is large with lots of windows.  The first thing I really wanted to put in there was a Strut table as a desk.   I would really love to have one of these at home.  This office makes me want to redo my entire office.

For this room I chose the navy desk.  Once again they wanted the desk chairs to be able to roll around, and the other chairs to swivel.  They fell for the House of Belonging art I chose for the reception and conference rooms, and wanted another for in here.   After seeing that there were building plans for that table under the art, I had my handy friend Kyle build one.  It is amazing.  Solid and large!

Under the seating area I used a indoor/outdoor rug from Target.  It adds fun and pattern to the space.  I also framed up their first run circuit boards from each of their buildings.  They look amazing!

All that I have left to do in here is add some personal art, and probably some baskets.  The built piece is not going to look as styled as it is in the photo above - think man.  Overall, it is a really roomy and relaxing space.   I'm looking forward to getting the main art piece, and taking photo's!

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