A Day At Yule Love It Lavender Farm & Check Out Their Chicken Coop

10:39 AM

Hello again!   It has been awhile.

I am so behind in showing photo's of the finished office building I worked on.  Next week - crossing my fingers!

Until then I wanted to share a special place my mom and I just visited.  It is called the Yule Love It Lavender Farm.  This is their tenth year of business, but this Friday and Saturday will be the last days of operation.  If you haven't enjoyed a day at this farm you just might want to plan your visit.  There is a farm tour at 10:15.  You can enjoy the tour or just do u-pick, and enjoy the grounds.

There were many varieties of lavender.

I adored this structure.  This is where lunch is served, and you don't want to skip it.  We enjoyed lavender lemonade, the freshest organic salad with feta, beans, and corn on it.  Also, a chocolate chip lavender cookie.  I want to go back this week for the lunch alone.

The owner, Iris, is also a writer.  She is learning more and more about farming, and growing her own food.  She wants to live off of her land.  As the lavender dies off - which in Michigan that happens - she will be planting more and more crops for her family to harvest.

The chicken coop is adorable.  Love the yellow door.  See the chandelier?  It really works too!

These are her older hens.

Here are the hens that came to the farm this past Spring.

Our day at the lavender farm was one of the most peaceful days I have a had in a long time.  Just pure peace and enjoyment!

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