One Of My Favorite Outfits - Head to Toe

11:21 AM

More than anything I really like to be comfy - if my clothes feel good and are easy to wear I am just overall more relaxed.   Another thing to know about me is I like my denim.  Most days that is what you will find me in.  I also love dresses over my jeans.  Sometimes I look at fashion decisions and just think - lose at least one thing.  Like have the great handbag or the fancy shoe - but not both at the same time.   Watching a lady hobble out of church with the sunglasses, giant bag, and high heels - all before noon - that's just not me even on a night out with friends - I felt uncomfortable just watching her.  So here is a casual look I have been enjoying.  The dress above is a simple dress from Target.

I just picked up this pair of jeggings at American Eagle.  I went in to get Noah some school pants, and it was buy one get one half off so I tried on a bunch of jeans.  I really do like a few holes in my denim - this pair I love.  My other favorite pair is from Loft, but they don't have a thing like them.  It seems like they have a lot less jeans to choose from right now.

This clutch is from Heist - it is made from a old army tent - the yellow zipper sold me!  I have used this all Summer - it goes well with most of my things.

This may be my favorite nail polish ever!  Sally Hanson Batbano Blue - I was looking for the brightest blue I could find - I have received so many compliments on this polish.  It has been on my toes all Summer!

This pair of shoes - comfortable and cute.  Ivanka Trump Sunny.  They go well with so many different outfits.  Even are nice with just the dress minus the jeans.

So, that's a little fashion post of some of my most used items.  I also have a Mossimo Supply Company junior's open cardigan from Target in grey that I toss on if it is chilly out.  I couldn't download a photo - and that might be alright because the model is wearing a half shirt with it :)

Happy Thursday!

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