How I Keep My Duvet Comforters In Place

10:15 AM

Duvet comforters.

I love them and I dislike them at the same time.  The one I have is a super comfy ball of fluff - I love that!  They can just be a bit much to handle.  This is what I do to make my duvet's a little easier to work with.

I sew ribbon into each corner of the duvet so that I can tie my down comforter onto the cover.  To do this choose a ribbon that there is no chance you will see through your duvet.    Also, pick a grosgrain. This ribbon holds up well in the wash, and also has good grip.  It won't easily come untied.  I have been doing this for years, and haven't had any problems.

Fold your ribbon in half, and then just hand sew.  It doesn't have to look pretty or be perfect.   Sew it up any way you like.  Just make sure it is secure, and you are good.

All that is left to do is tie your duvet to your comforter.  I usually just make one knot, and it stays, but you can always make a double knot to be sure.

Hope this little tip is helpful.  Anyone have any other tricks to making your duvet comforters easier to handle?

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