Birthday Boy And The Gift That Was A Hit

10:22 AM

Noah just celebrated his birthday.  He is a really smart boy - plays sports - plays the saxophone and guitar - and is very kind and funny.  This year I decided to take a chance, and I ordered him a Makala Shark Ukulele in Blacktip .  Well, it was a hit!  It was in his hands and being used from the time he opened it until at least 3 hours later.  Then he picked it up again later in the night.  Yesterday after school, baseball practice, haircut, and dinner he was back at it.  Before long the house was filled with the sound of Over The Rainbow.   He went to the website  They have all kinds of current songs on there that you can learn to play.  I really admire his musical skills.  I was kinda surprised that even Josh was excited about the ukulele.  I showed him it the day before Noah's birthday, and with a big smile he told me a kid had one of those at school today!

Here N is getting his ukulele in tune.

This is the tuner ordered - Snark SN6 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner  

 Felt picks are also needed - I ordered these - Mahalo Felt Picks  

Isn't his wrap fun?  Cute animals with neon glasses wrap from World Market.  I bought this in the Winter just to have for their Birthdays!

He requested Heath Bar Cake.  Gosh it was good!
I will post the recipe again in a couple days.  It is something I have been making since high school.

He made me a card that got me teary!  See - he is so sweet.

Josh made me a card with a Whippet on it.

Above are just some of the colors Noah's ukulelecomes in.

The also carry the Kala Waterman Ukulele - take it to the water - the finish is protected.  Lots more colors in this style too!

I didn't purchase a music book - many people online mentioned that they learned online with websites and YouTube.  This seemed like a good option.  The photo above is the Ukutabs site Noah was using.  

So, that's a little peek into our lives, and a great gift idea really for any age.  Even I want to learn, and at this time I  have zero musical ability :)

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