Simple Mother's Day Gift Idea

10:32 PM

It's almost Mother's Day!

My best gift EVER was my Noah!  I went to the hospital on Mother's Day night, and he came into the world the next day right at lunch.  It makes me so happy to see how much he likes it when the years line up and it's his birthday and Mother's Day on the same day.  He is such a sweet and caring boy :)  My heart overflows.

I wanted to write a quick post with a simple Mother's Day gift idea.

My approach to gift giving on Mother's Day and pretty much everyday is that it is the thought that counts, and I like to find something that is useful or just really pretty, but hopefully useful.  I don't think the gift has to be expensive, and really especially when the kids are little the best gifts are handmade and come from the heart.  No secret here that I adore the art my boys have created over the years.  I'd like more please - hint - hint.

This is last years gift for the Mom's in my life.

The Nesting Place Book which I really think is the best decorating book I have read to date - and I really mean read because you don't just look at the pictures with this book - it's a book you read from cover to cover - it is practical and enjoyable.  Myquillyn's perspective on decorating is so spot on.

To the book I added a cake recipe flour sack towel, and a cute pair of dish washing gloves.  Home Goods usually has the gloves.  The ones I gave out were pink and the cuff was decorated with a pink and green pattern.  Tied up with a simple ribbon and a handmade tag (made it out of a polka dot small envelope and gold foil heart sticker) the gift is ready to give and be used.

As for this years gift ...  I'm still working that.  

Spending time together is what is really matters, but it can also be fun to put on your thinking cap and come up with something fun.  If I want to keep it for myself then I feel it's a good choice.

Thanks for reading.  I need to not be such a stranger here.   I'm missing writing, and I have lots of things to share.    

Nesting Place Book
Retro Recipes Tea Towel - this is art goodies Etsy shop - I found mine on Scoutmob
Boston Warehouse Glamour Glove - exact gloves I found at HomeGoods

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