Things I'm Liking Now

3:38 PM

Here is a quick list of some things things that I am loving now ...

(bought these for a job I'm working on)

 (Sugarboo sign I've wanted for so long ... maybe soon)

(have had these for awhile and just really like their style)

(got this for my laundry room - just have to figure out where to hook it up in my weird space)

(have 3 and I love - love - love them)

(always good ideas in here)

(will be ordering)

(got this for myself - great for you or for a gift)

($103.99 for a set of 2 - ordered for a job - really good quality - and that color!)

Cement and Copper Lamp
(ordered this for a job too!)

Rohini Daybed Cushion
(also, ordered for job - they are on the way - it's a very well priced daybed mattress - comes in 3 colors)

So, that is a list of things I'm liking right now.  What great finds have you come across lately?

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