My Favorite Way To Eat & Our New UncommonGoods Snack Tray & Dish Towel

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When UncommonGoods contacted me to see if I would be interested in working with them on a post my answer was a quick and easy "yes".

This blog - simply put - is a collection of me - filled with things I love, create, believe in, and am inspired by.  UncommonGoods is a company I believe in.  The quality of their products along with their creative and useful eye are not to be missed.  I also believe UncommonGoods is generous towards people - towards creativity - towards need.    

UncommonGoods began in 1999 when their founder, Dave Bolotsky, visited a Smithsonian Museum craft show.  He enjoyed the unique items, the people, and their stories.  Realizing that much travel was involved in order for the artists to promote their work Dave had a vision to create an online market place where the creators could connect with the shopper looking for truly special items regardless of the distance between them.

UncommonGoods seeks out new designers that are just introducing their work to the world.  They seek out artists creating in low income countries.  They work with seasoned artists crafting by hand.  UncommonGoods scours the globe and the internet for items that serve a purpose, solve a problem, are beautiful, or are so unique they wonder why no one thought of it before.  Artists also have the opportunity to make their own online product submissions.  Lastly, in house development teams round out UncommonGoods.  Creativity inside and out!  Click here to see their artwork assortment.  So many good things to adorn your walls.

Another special thing about UncommonGoods is their commitment to the environment.  They work with their artists to use sustainable or recycled materials whenever they are able.  They make sure no materials used in a design ever involves harm to animals.  You won't find fur, feathers, leather, or pearls in their pages.  Environmentally friendlier packing materials are used, and they print their catalog on FSC certified and recycled paper.  Another thing I really like is their Better to Give program - when you place an order you can choose a partner for them to donate a dollar to with each order.    

So now that you know a little more about UncommonGoods as a company I'd love to show you my super useful and beautiful finds.  (I just visited their site again this morning, and just the home page alone is exciting!  Gift guides galore!)

Really, my favorite way to eat is to have a little of this, and a little of that.   This Lazy Susan puts my regular tray to shame.  

This is the description from their website:
Inspired by the communal, family-style dining favored by various cultures, this server includes five ceramic dishes on a rotating, acacia wood base. The dishes are removable for easy serving and clean up (microwave and dishwasher safe), and the central piece includes an acacia wood cover that serves as a cutting board for slicing food at the table. It brings modern, casual, functional design to dining.

One thing about my old tray was that I didn't enjoy reaching far across the table to get my food of choice.  Now with just a spin all the snacks are easy to add to your plate.  I found it best to have a cloth under the Lazy Susan for the best spin.  It is also very easy to use with all of it's individual dishes.  I was able to assemble each food on the ceramic dishes ahead of time - cover the refrigerated items with wrap - and pop them in the fridge.   (I don't cut my apple slices until right before serving.)

For this tray I decided to go old school and make some ham roll ups.  I use Boar's Head Honey Maple Ham, 1/3 less fat cream cheese, and green onions.  This is just one way to use this Lazy Susan.  The savory food choices you could use are endless - plus you can also fill it up with desserts.

This Math Dish Towel is another fantastic Uncommon Goods find.  For anyone who loves Math - I think this is a great addition to a gift.  You really can put any food or drink alongside or even a favorite cookbook!  I cannot even tell you how much the math guys in my house enjoyed this!  It was a total hit!  As for the "non" math girl - I just like it's looks.  I like text, but this is just really unique.  They also carry a mug, manly cocktail glasses, and even a pair of socks with Math all over them.

Here are just some of my items waiting for eating time.  In Michigan we have Mucky Duck Mustard.  This is the honey and hot flavor - they were out of the regular, and this turned out to be good because paired with Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey this was amazing!!!

Trader Joe's Sweet and Spicy Pecans.  Another favorite.

Whippet plate - I found the dog plates last year at a local store and got them for Christmas.  I have a Whippet so this was a very exciting find for me :)

Oh, and this cracker - so good!  I used the cranberry this time.

The tray worked out perfectly.  So pretty all assembled.  A fun way for us to eat by the television.  Uncommon Goods has so many items for the home.  Click here and here to find really great ideas for yourself as well as gifts for your friends and family.  Also, if you missed my last post click here to see just some of the items that caught my eye!

This tray really helped us enjoy a peaceful meal together.  Thank you UncommonGoods for the opportunity to work with you.  We will be enjoying our uncommon items for years to come.

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